Sunday, June 8, 2008

Heron I Foyer Table

Dimensions: 58” wide, 39” high, 17” deep

Materials: American Black Walnut

Date: Completed in 1985 for a private client. Subsequent commissions executed

Description: Laminated and carved from solid Walnut. One main drawer, upper left; secret drawer behind. The unit is attached to the wall by hidden bolts. The single leg rests on the floor.
Thoughts on my work: I find the symmetry of most furniture boring. Symmetry lacks drama and adventure. Basically our preference for symmetry has to do with our intuitive need for balance, our physical and psychological adaptation to gravity. Asymmetry and imbalance are exciting because they challenge our basic sense of order and security. They suggest defiance of gravity, risk, daring, skill and mastery over superior forces.

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