Sunday, June 8, 2008

Swahili II

Dimensions: 94” wide, 26” high, 32” deep

Materials: African Mozambique exterior, White Birch interior

Date: Completed in 1990 as a private commission

Description: Cabinet/sculpture with 4” thick doors and sides carved in solid Mozambique. Interior fitments include trays for bottles and glasses, pull-outs for stereo and television units as well as drawers for CD storage.
Thoughts on my work: I enjoy the entire process of working with wood - from the idea of its origins in the living tree, through the excitement of bringing color and figure to the surface in carving; to the satiny feel of a wooden surface which is finely sanded and finished. I could achieve the same results in form in other media, and some would present less structural limitations, but I would miss the complex satisfactions of this natural material.

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brbeard said...

Hi Michael,

I was actually just lamenting over how difficult it was to find information on you and your work. Glad to see that you're taking a proactive approach to that problem :) Anyway, I love your work, and I look forward to any future updates to this site.