Saturday, June 7, 2008

Whale of a Bar

Dimensions: 128" (10'–8") wide, 98" (8'-2") high, 78" (6'–2") deep

Materials: Mahogany wood and veneer, Corian, electrical components

Date: Completed in 1994 as a commission for a private client

Description: A bar and serving center built into the architecture of the clients’ home, the unit consists of four major components:

1) a Corian-surfaced cabinet (against exterior wall) containing a refrigerator and wet sink. The cabinet also has utility drawers and compartments;

2) a Corian-surfaced serving bar extending into the room. Below the Corian top and accessed from the rear, the bar component houses lighted compartments and sliding trays for bottles, glasses and wine storage. Concealed skirt lights located under the bar create an illusion of floating. Interior fans to dispel heat build-up complete the electric system;

3) a carved wall panel (above sink); and

4) a connecting unit (on the right side), both non-functional, complete the assembly which breaks down for transportation. All units except the sink cabinet are laminated and carved from solid Mahogany.
Thoughts on my work: In using furniture as an artistic medium I am sometimes constricted by the necessary dimensions or functional requirements of a particular piece. However, I consider these an additional challenge rather than a limitation. I like the engineering of things that work. I find it a doubly rewarding accomplishment to solve both the artistic and technical problems in a single object.

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